Editorial Board Members

Executive Editors

1.     Prof. Yuanan Lu, Professor and Director, Environmental Health Laboratory, Department of Public Health Sciences University of Hawaii, USA

2.     Prof. Chi H. Lee, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Missouri, USA

3.     Dr. Wang Jian, Deputy Executive Director, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Centre for AIDS Prevention and Treatment, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences



1.     Dr. Yi-Qun Kuang, Professor, Huaihe Clinical Institute, Henan University

2.     Dr. Massimiliano Lanzafame, Chief, Department of Infectious Diseases, G.B.Rossi Hospital, Italy

3.     Dr. Kajal Ghosal, Assistant Professor, Dr. B C Roy College of Pharmacy and AHS


Section Editors

1.     Dr. Wajiha Javed, Adviser Research, United States

2.     Dr. SAGNA Tani, Research Associate, Department of Molecular Biology, Institute of Research in Health Sciences (IRSS)